Water Conditioners & Water Drainage

Often the most overlooked item, shower drains are an integral part to any bathroom. Our line of linear and square shower drains are very popular among our clients and offer a modern look to any shower area. Our exclusive line of INFINITYDRAIN linear shower drains are made from 316 Stainless Steel and allows for the waste to be set at any position along the run of channel — it is a GREAT product for renovations where moving an existing waste line is difficult.

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Another integral part of water management is filtration and hard water conditioners. Protect your investments such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures, washing machines and water heaters with our line of WHOLEHOUSE FILTRATION and WATER SOFTENER systems.

Additionally, in our efforts to support ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY solutions we now offer a sustainable, salt and chemical-free water conditioner that saves water and won’t pollute our precious water supply. SCALEBLASTER is a maintenance free water softener alternative. It is MADE IN USA and is revolutionizing the way homeowners, businesses and industry solve lime scale and hard water issues.

“Since 1995, ScaleBlaster has been a worldwide success with its non-intrusive approach to solving hard water problems.   There is no maintenance, chemicals or salt required.  There are no filters to change.  It can’t get any easier.  With countless applications and virtually any size pipe, ScaleBlaster is your most trusted and cost-effective solution.”

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